I’m here to help you, dear friend. Your first thought may be, “wait, there’s nothing wrong with me! I’m perfectly fine!” That was my thought when I first started getting attacked. Eventually I came to discover just how wrong I was. “Chronic fatigue” is the only thing I claimed I was dealing with due to a pretty intense and unexpected cervical discectomy and fusion back in 2013, but I was in complete denial of the fact that the reason I was covered in bugs was because I was quite possibly almost dead. The afflictions I suffered from included but were not limited to: misdiagnosed lyme disease (also overlooked by doctors) for over a decade, severe heavy metal toxicity, candida, fungus, and chronic fatigue due to Epstein Barr Virus. Epstein Barr Virus is a tricky one, apparently it lies dormant in everyone’s system until their immune function becomes compromised and then it likes to rear its ugly head. I was diagnosed with EBV by an infectious disease doctor after he congratulated me on NOT having lyme disease, even though by the time I made it to his office my body was so severely infested with lyme my muscles felt as though they were going to completely rip away from the bone and literally fall from my body. I asked him how to treat Epstein Barr, and he claimed there was no treatment. That is also incorrect, and I can help you with that as well.

There have been instances in my bird mite groups where a small child is being afflicted, and I have to say from personal experience that the reason the members in our household eventually ended up feeling them is because I eventually infested it so badly with my body that there was no way they COULDN’T feel them. An infested sparrow has around 50,000 bird mites on it. I am a 5′ 9″, 135 lb female. There’s no telling how many of these bird mites were on me at my worst. Based on the fact that our symptoms varied based on our immune health I have to say that they affect every person differently. But as you probably now know, they are almost impossible to erradicate so if they attacked anyone with a healthy immune system we’d all be covered in bugs.

If you are currently covered in microscopic parasites, please write down any symptoms you might currently be suffering from, and look into them. Those are crucial to bird mite recovery and getting your life back. It might be advantageous to tell your doctor that you don’t feel well and would like to get tested for everything under the sun, and don’t mention the mite affliction unless you’d like a big ol’ “DELUSIONAL” written in your medical file.