In the first post on body treatment I discussed solutions for ear infestation of bird mites, as this was my biggest struggle. My best friend suffered from mite attacks in her nasal passages and throat, and we searched endlessly for solutions to those attacks. What she found to be most effective was X-Clear nasal spray, which is mostly comprised of xylitol. Mites hate fake sugar! She found that when she sprayed her nasal passages they fled into her throat, but they cleared that too after the nasal drip from the X-Clear ran down her passages and into the back of her throat. Instant relief! She rotated this product with a simple salt water gargle, (regular table salt dissolved in warm water) that also aided in the prevention of bird mites in her throat passageway. Obviously don’t do the two together, as the salt water will cancel out the xylitol coating in your passageways.

For some strange reason, I found this product to be effective: Boiron Natrum Muriaticum. They are simply tiny dissolvable pellets comprised of pure rock salt. I would take three and dissolve them three times a day under my tongue, and mites attacked me less. I have to disclose that I was also taking high doses of wormwood simultaneously, I can’t vouch for this product on its own, but I did notice a difference when I took it versus when I didn’t.

I spent endless amounts of money I didn’t have (I was on voluntary leave from my job and continuously getting refused for unemployment) on products that people claimed worked and they didn’t…I was so desperate for solutions that I did quite extreme things to my body in an attempt to get these mites off of me. What I’m hoping is that you’ll see from this blog that the products I found that worked best were natural things you could find in just about any household kitchen. Your pores are like a sponge, they soak up anything you put on them. If you are applying toxic substances to your skin, it will have a negative effect on your body.

Products I tried that didn’t work or had little effect: Arrid extra dry spray deodorant, sulfur soap, lice shampoo, neem oil, coal tar shampoo, msm powder, permethrin cream, and ivermectin (both topical and pill form, I was on ivermectin pills for a month and a half).

The next incredible product I want to talk about is called Kleen Free. This product, sold as a concentrated cleaning agent, is actually just made up of a collection of enzymes that break down bacteria. And that’s it. In fact, it’s the exact same enzymes that are in a chewable digestive enzyme pill I take after eating, which I also recommend. The Kleen Free bottle has written on it dilution directions for putting it directly on your skin, that’s how safe it is. I personally find it best used undiluted on my skin, I like to put it in a little spray bottle and then spritz it anywhere I want. Mites carry a TON of bacteria to your body. They left trails of bacteria under my skin that created so many issues in my life. Kleen Free helps to break down that bacteria.

When I was treating my body for Lyme I noticed that my Lyme was constantly migrating to different parts of my body to hide, and that day I was struggling with an IMMENSE headache and terrible aching in between the joints in my hands. I simply sprayed Kleen Free undiluted on both my hands and forehead, and BAM! Headache and achy joints completely pain free. I have since recommended this product to friends who suffer from recurring headaches and they claim it works better than anything the’ve tried. Which, of course, makes me wonder what is ACTUALLY causing your headache, if enzymes that break down bacteria alleviate all the pain! I have since sprayed Kleen Free on a host of issues that seem to vanish almost immediately, including my legs for sciatica issues. It’s quite astonishing.

As far as the chewable digestive enzymes are concerned, my mineral balancing specialist claimed they’re great to break down bacteria in your gut that parasites like to hide in. My stomach at the time was riddled with parasites, I didn’t realize it but I was dealing with ropeworms, tapeworms, you name it. Many people in mite groups will tell you that already being afflicted with parasites is one of the many things that will attract more parasites to you. I’ve been to 22 countries in my lifetime, and ate with wild and reckless abandon…the hilarious part is that I probably contracted all of these parasites eating undercooked/raw fish in America. Doctors here will tell you, “parasites don’t cross borders”, which is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. They absolutely will. In fact, it has come to my attention that parasitic infection is one of the most widely unrecognized epidemics in this country. If you are a sushi or pork eater I highly recommend giving up both. They are riddled with parasites. Apparently if you looked at a piece of sushi under a microscope you’d never eat it again. As for pork, you can watch a youtube video of worms crawling out of a perfectly decent looking raw pork loin when a soda is poured on it. I used to essentially live off of raw fish, raw oysters being my favorite. For a number of health reasons, I now eat mostly organic and plant based. Eating healthy has completely changed my life. If you have been considering a great change but never had the self-discipline to start, now is the time my friend.

The next product I want to recommend I actually discovered quite recently, and boy do I wish I had it when I was covered head to toe in mites. Have you heard of biofilm? That word got tossed around endlessly in my mite groups. I became quite familiar with it after dealing with an infestation on my body, biofilm is essentially a community of bacteria living together and covered in protective sticky goo. Pathogens create it to protect themselves from your immune system. I would spend hours dragging my nails across my skin and pulling up massive amounts of biofilm after getting out of the bath or sauna, it seemed that no matter how much biofilm I got out from under my pores it would always come back. This product got rid of my biofilm in a single day. Not only is it organic, but it is so nourishing to your skin, which is most likely destroyed already from trying every product known to man. My skin was so cracked, dry and miserable when I was infested that my skin actually hurt to touch it. Not only can you drop capfuls of this product in your bath and soak in it, you can add it to lotions or apply it directly to your body, undiluted. I prefer to just put the oil straight on my skin for effectiveness!

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