I hate to tell you this next part because I refused to accept it as a potential issue, but mites LOVE SUGAR in your system. I had a terrible time with this, as sugar became my new boyfriend for a very long while, and I just wasn’t ready to break up with it! It took way longer than it should have for me to finally submit and give up sweets, and it made a huge difference in my life. The good news is, there are so many products out there I can recommend to you that are delicious and sweetened with stevia! Lily’s chocolate is one of my top favorites, both the salted caramel chocolate bar and salted caramel chocolate chips are top-rate. For a general sugar substitute I tried many stevia sweeteners that I didn’t like before I came across my favorite, which I will post for you! I use it to sweeten teas, my coffee substitute (yes I gave up coffee, I’ll cry about that in a later post),or as a replacement for anything that required regular sugar. You will definitely want to look up sugar to sugar substitute ratios, as stevia is much sweeter than regular sugar and requires less amounts.

A friend from my mite group encouraged me to get a hair metals test, to see what else could be malfunctioning in my system and causing a mite infestation on my body. I found that I had dangerously high levels of both mercury and aluminum, and contacted a mineral balancing specialist called John Bumpus to decipher my hair test. John is an amazing individual, incredibly intelligent and has quite a passion for what he does for a living. He himself was severely ill and eventually took measures into his own hands to heal, driving his passion for mineral balancing. I always find that the most incredibly helpful healers are the ones who know what it’s like to suffer from chronic illness firsthand. We met via Zoom as he lives in Australia and works remotely, but the things he noticed just by looking at my hair test results were nothing short of fascinating. He could tell I had an active autoimmune issue, that my thyroid was severly underactive, and that I was living with chronic fatigue.

He went on to explain that my body was holding onto a ton of heavy metals in my system because it was trying to use them as nutrients to balance out all the imbalances in my system. By simply giving your body the right amounts of minerals it needs, your body will, as a side effect, dump heavy metals, get your thyroid working again, etc. I had no idea that once your thyroid started acting sluggish that you could get it back in working order without having to go on all those horrid thyroid meds they’re peddling at the doc office, I had SO many friends in their late 30’s/early 40’s already on thyroid medication and they dealt with so many side effects. Plus, they were told they’d have to be on this medication for LIFE. So, listen up. If your thyroid isn’t working properly there are OTHER ANSWERS than just submitting to thyroid prescriptions forever. The standard of care for the medical system is regulated by pharmaceutical companies, who are in the business of peddling their own products. Of COURSE they’re going to tell you that’s your only option!

John told me that the side effect of dumping all these heavy metals in my system would, as a result, get rid of all my ANXIETY, APATHY, FEAR, and DEPRESSION. I couldn’t believe he knew from a hair test that I was suffering from all of those issues. My anxiety was through the roof for YEARS, I was constantly on edge. As far as apathy and depression went, I was the poster child for both. I stopped feeling connected to people…there were times when I felt so empty and void of all emotion I wondered if I’d stopped being human. The one that shocked me the most, however, was the FEAR he knew I was suffering from. How did he know that? Even I didn’t realize how much of an issue that had become in my life, but I lived alone for years and I was always terrified at night. I HATED being alone in the evening. One small creak in the house and I’d jump sky high, and when I was by myself every light in the house had to be on because I got horrible anxiety at the thought of having to walk into a dark room.

I think I’d only been on a mineral balancing protocol for 5 months before I dumped almost all of the heavy metals in my system and started getting my sanity back. The craziest part is that I could actually feel the metal dump when every time some of it my body, my heart would race and my anxiety would go through the roof…and then it would subside. The friend that introduced me to John claimed she suffered from bipolar issues, all of which went away when she balanced out the minerals in her body and dumped whatever heavy metals she had. I was fascinated at the prospect of someone suffering from such a debilitating issue as bipolar disorder regaining full control over their emotional extremes, something else I’d researched and read that the only cure was mind-numbing prescriptions that most bipolar sufferers don’t stay on because they dampen the spirit and numb the mind.

I was a pescatarian before I started getting attacked by mites, now I’m essentially plant based. I actually used to JOKE about my love of fish and how my mercury levels must be off the charts, little did I know how accurate I was. As far as my aluminum levels skyrocketing, who knows? I was always super conscious of wearing non aluminum deodorants and threw out pans in the kitchen the second I saw a scratch on them. Either way, I’m glad i’m functioning like a normal human being again. Oh, and as for my thyroid? It’s working at TWICE the capacity it once was, and I’m so grateful. I could never figure out how my body would just put on weight so quickly, I swear I could gain 6 pounds in two days by just LOOKING at sweets. That is no longer an issue, and I don’t have to worry about being on some sort of thyroid medication forever. I had a friend who was told by her doctor that once her thyroid started to go, there was NOTHING she could do to get it back besides be on prescription drugs for the rest of her life. That is a COMPLETE AND TOTAL LIE, and I am proof of it.

John gave me permission to add his email and website for anyone who might be interested in getting a hair test and working on dumping heavy metals from their system. I can’t recommend him enough, I thought these mites were destroying my life but little did I know they were actually saving it in more ways than I could have imagined.



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  1. Thank you for your story I was so shocked as it mirrored my life so much only Im still suffering and was put in the psych ward and given anti psychotics I still had bugs and the doctors didn’t even look at my ears when I explained the bugs were biting me constantly I thought I had lice but no one checked I have a appt with doctor monday hope to prove my self and demand my records be fixed

    1. Romona, I’m so sorry for your suffering. I, too, was overlooked by doctors and treated very poorly in regard to my condition. Never let anyone treat you like an unreliable witness to your own condition! I found that once I turned away from doctors and took my health into my own hands I began to heal. I realized I’d put all my faith into a medical system that has closed the books on learning and is run entirely by big pharma, a system I no longer trust with my health. My family had a doctor who believed us because we were all being affected, but even still they had no answers. Trust me, you already know more than they do about parasites!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your healing journey. So many of us are suffering with these symptoms without a clue as to a cure-Please keep us updated and am grateful to you for your transparency on your path to wellness-

  3. You are amazing! Now people are understanding me better, by reading your blog.

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