“It’s difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

Upton sinclair

I just googled “delusional parasitosis” to see if I got the spelling correctly. This is the first thing that popped up in google.

“Delusional parasitosis is a rare disorder in which patients have a fixed, false belief of being infested with parasites. It is often accompanied by a refusal to seek psychiatric care.”

Those two sentences make me so ill I can hardly read them. I thought of all the times I read articles where people claimed to have “delusional” accounts of parasitic attacks, I thought of all the people who ended up in psychiatric care getting diagnosed as crazy and prescribed anti-psychotics. Many of those people became my friends.

One friend I met in a bird mite group claimed she went to the dermatologist begging for help and the dermatologist diagnosed her as delusional almost instantly. (This diagnosis you’re psychotic, by the, way, ends up permanently in your medical file.) My friend insisted that she wasn’t crazy, told the dermatologist that her husband was also being attacked by a microscopic parasite. The dermatologist responded,

“Yes, delusions can happen between spouses.”

Shocked, my friend showed her the marks on her body, evidence of an infestation.

The dermatologist responded, “Yeah, your brain can manifest those delusions into a reality.”

HOW IS THAT A MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS? How can someone with a medical degree make such a diagnosis?!

She then went on to explain that, strangely enough, quite a few people in growing numbers had been coming into her clinic claiming to be suffering from the same delusional symptoms.

Who looks at a growing number of patients, all suffering from the same affliction and diagnoses them ALL as delusional? At what point did we decide that every virus, every affliction that exists in this world has already been discovered and there’s nothing left to learn in medicine? When did doctors stop caring about their patients? I was horrified. If this was the planet I had to live on, I no longer cared to be a part of it.

Bird mites are an interesting creature. They can live both on and off a host. That means skin punch biopsies will most assuredly come up with no evidence of an infestation on a human body. Why would a bird mite hang out on a piece of skin, waiting to be discovered, when it can just commute easily back to its host? A bird mite can travel up to 100 yards to reach a potential host. I know from personal experience, because they always found me at night, no matter where I went. I remember frantically shoving garbage bags under the door to my bedroom before bed, completely terrified, praying it would throw off my scent. It didn’t.

I researched so much information regarding bird mites and parasites, searched everywhere looking for answers, day and night. Since sleep was impossible in the evening and mites are nocturnal, I spent endless days on the internet covered head to toe in thousands of bugs, frantic for a single shred of hope.

In my quest I found exactly two articles that mentioned infestation on a human host, and it was only acknowledged when all members of the household were affected. Even then, no solutions were mentioned, it appeared that all treatments given to these patients were rendered completely useless. Was I going to die with bugs all over my body? I had literally become a walking corpse. I thought, this is what happens to the dead, bodies 6 feet underground in a grave. Not the living. Except I was very much alive, and living in it.

Here are the two aforementioned articles. I attempted reaching out to some of the doctors mentioned in them. No response.



I have watched people in my parasite groups become homeless, to try to run from these things, only to find that it’s impossible. I have seen countless people disappear from groups after begging for assistance, leaving everyone wondering if they took their own lives. This atrocity has gone too far and I must put a stop to it. I have seen people torn from their families, involuntarily put in psychiatric wards and prescribed anti-psychotics (which coincidentally contain an anti-FUNGAL in them, but that’s another story I’ll touch on later.) I have seen children taken away from mothers. It’s the most heartbreaking thing I think I’ll ever be witness to. I am proud to be a member of that microcosm of the hopeless, parasitic ridden family I became a part of, I wear these scars as a badge of honor and will fight for their cause until the day I die. I hope that you too, will look at the system a little differently after reading my story.

This could have just as easily happened to you.

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  1. God bless you! I.have suffered unimaginably by the ignorance and arrogance of the average MD for the past decade . Admittedly they have little or no knowledge of parasites,and for that matter psychology or psychiatry either. ,yet they brazenly seize on the opportunity to prescribe all these “new” drugs for delusional parasites is and work their defensive medicine scam in the name of “working closely with other doctors” in order to gaslight us into thinking we are mentally ill but in actuality are protecting themselves from lawsuits regardless of the toll it takes on their victims(patients). I know if I hadn’t been so strong willed and good at research I would have been long ago deceased.How many countless victims of this “delusional parasitosis” folly have died because of physician’s ignorance,arrogance and greed.

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